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Voytastic Review

Reviewed: 2008-06-18
Quick site rank and complete review of Voytastic | Categories: Amateur, Voyeur

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silver rank
Our Rating: 86/100

Quality of Content: 19/25

Purchase Value: 15/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 10/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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Tour Promises

Voytastic.com promises non-faked, Russian voyeur videos, daily updates, 126+ videos, amazing changing room sex and nude videos.

My Opinion About Voytastic

So, we're promised real couples out in public, having sex and getting totally caught on camera. Yes, well, we've all hard that before, haven't we? Fortunately, Voytastic actually does come off as somewhat real, or at the very least candid and not set-up or posed like the usual voyeur sites.

What particularly impressed me about Voytastic is that the content is made for both male and female voyeurs. Usually, these types of sites cater to men, but as a female who enjoys playing the part of voyeur, I enjoyed the fact that I could be a Peeping Lauren watching men changing or masturbating. There are 12 categories in total. Women, men, naughty masturbating men and women, couples, groups, gays, lesbians, and my personal favourite, 'almost caught'.

There are daily updates, sometimes there are two updates in a single day and there are few photos. The images that are here are basically video captures, so there's not too much to really see. All the content features at least six caps in a set. It's pretty much all hidden video camera action here and it does come off as fairly authentic. Of course, since the site does indeed comply with the USC 2257 law, I obviously know that these cannot possibly be authentic caught on camera scenes, but the important aspect of the site is that the makers actually had me buying into the reality by pixelling out the faces of those captured and they did so all the while thrilling me and turning me on.

There are 132 scenes at the moment. Some categories are bustling with more action than others, but I'm sure the site will fill out with time. I realize that there will always be more women captured on film than men, but I'm hopeful. Anyhow, as I mentioned, 'almost caught' was my favourite category. There were only two of these videos. I expected to find couples almost being caught having sex or something (that would have been exciting to me) but in these videos it's the voyeurs getting caught, which is certainly believable and totally makes sense. The videos play in an embedded Flash Player, but you can also download 1660kbps 640x480 Windows Media Videos. The films are black and white, which I don't mind, but I know that spycams can have colour and I'd have enjoyed the colour. Angles are from above or below, out of the sight of those being spied on.

In the film I watched, the Peeping Tom is in the dressing room next to a chick who is trying on clothes. You can see that it's in a real public place because there are plenty of feet in the background when the voyeur looses his grip on the spycam. The chick goes about her business, removing her clothes, and as she takes off her panties, she looks down and catches sight of the camera. There is no sound, which is unfortunate because I'd have definitely loved hearing her swear. :) Anyhow, this is a three-minute flick. The image quality is okay. You can see what's happening, but the resolution isn't razor sharp and you can't always count on the lighting. Such is the nature of the voyeur cam.

Final Verdict

Despite the poor video quality, Voytastic was one of the most realistic experiences and the most exciting thrill I've ever gotten from a voyeur site. Voytastic.com is more believable than most and the best part is that it caters to all voyeuristic tastes. Some sound would be a great addition and maybe even some colour, but otherwise I think that Peeping perverts will be pleased by the unique and candid approach this site offers to the spy genre, but perhaps not as pleased with the price of admission.

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User Comments

2009 Jan 26, 06:14, Earth
PRO: - Promise of the tour were all adhered. - Excellent daily update logging (tour & member area) - Non-faked / Non-staged content - Real voyeurism - Very convenient design and structure - Clearly arranged content statistic available - Video quality on some videos is quit good for voyeur video
CON: - Amount of videos could be higher (new site) - Video quality on some videos is just ave

2008 Oct 07, 02:13, Jordan